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Armor of SandAsh Pile Burning JutsuBallistic Waterwheel
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Boil Release: Unrivaled StrengthBringer-of-Darkness TechniqueBubble Dome
Bubble SlimeBubbles TechniqueC0
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Demonic Illusion: Tree Binding DeathDemonic Illusion: Ushi-Oni PrisonDemonic Mirroring Ice Crystals
Desert SuspensionDrowning Water Blob TechniqueDust Release: Detachment of the Primitive World
Dust Release: Detachment of the Primitive World: PillarDustless Bewildering Cover TechniqueEarth Chain Ice
Earth Release: Added-Weight Rock TechniqueEarth Release: Double Suicide Decapitation TechniqueEarth Release: Dropping Lid
Earth Release: Earth-Style RampartEarth Release: Earth-Style WallEarth Release: Earth Flow Divide
Earth Release: Earth Mausoleum DumplingEarth Release: Earth Shore ReturnEarth Release: Earth Spear
Earth Release: Earth Style WallEarth Release: Fist Rock TechniqueEarth Release: Golem Technique
Earth Release: Great Moving Earth CoreEarth Release: Hiding Like a Mole TechniqueEarth Release: Light-Weight Rock Technique
Earth Release: Practice Brick TechniqueEarth Release: Rock ShelterEarth Release: Sandwich Technique
Earth Release: Swamp of the UnderworldEarth Release: Tearing Earth Turning PalmEarth Release: Tunnelling Technique
Earth Release Barrier: Earth Prison Dome of Magnificent NothingnessErupting Propulsion FistErupting Strong Foot
Exploding Water Colliding WaveExplosive ClayExplosive Landmines
FeatsFire Dragon Flame BulletFire Release: Exploding Flame Formation
Fire Release: Great Flame FlowerFission TechniqueFive Feeding Sharks
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Great Dragon Fire JutsuGreat Fire AnnihilationGreat Fire Destruction
Great Fireball JutsuGreat Flame TechniqueGreat Shark Bullet Technique
Great Water Arm TechniqueGreat Waterfall TehcniqueHazy Genjutsu
Heavenly WeepingHiding in Ash TechniqueHiding in Mist Technique
Hiding in Surface TechniqueHiding in WaterHokage-Style Sixty-Year-Old Technique — Kakuan Entering Society with Bliss-Bringing Hands
Hozuki ClanHuman Bullet TankHundred Blooming Flowers Technique
Hyuuga ClanIce Release: Earth Chain IceIce Release: Ice-Breaking Fist
Ice Release: Ice-Breaking SledgehammerIce Release: Ice DomeIce Sword Technique
Ice doorsInk Bubble ExplosionInk Clones
Interrogation GenjutsuIriyō EyeIron Sand Drizzle
Iron Sand Gathering AssaultIron Sand World MethodIsobu (Three Tails)
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Jutsu TacticianKaguya ClanKenjutsu Specialist/Samurai
King of HellKirinKokuo (Five Tails)
Kurama ClanLava Release: Ash Stone Seal TechniqueLava Release: Melting Apparition Technique
Lava Release: Quicklime Congealing TechniqueLava Release: Rubber BallLava Release: Rubber Rope
Lava Release: Rubber WallLava Release: Scorching Armoured FistLava Release: Scorching Stream Rock Technique
Lava Release Chakra ModeLeaf-Style WillowLightning Cutter
Lightning Release: Black PantherLightning Release: False DarknessLightning Release: Four Pillar Bind
Lightning Release: LariatLightning Release: Lightning Beast Tracking FangLightning Release: Lightning Illusion Flash of Lightning Pillar
Lightning Release: PantherLightning Release: Shadow Clone TechniqueLightning Release: Wave of Inspiration
Lightning Release Chakra ModeLightning TransmissionLightning Water Dragon Bullet
Magnet Release: Conserving Bee Twin BladesMagnet Release: Gold Dust Imperial FuneralMatatabi (Two Tails)
MayflyMist Servant TechniqueMulti-Size Technique
New Age Naruto (NarutoD20) WikiaNinshōOffsetting Sound
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ReligionsRock Clone TechniqueRockslide Genjutsu
Sage Art Wood Release: True Several Thousand HandsSample Creature TemplateSand Body
Scorch Release: Incinerating Flare TechniqueScorch Release: Steaming MurderSealing Technique: Black Water Blob
Sealing technique: Octopus HoldSenju ClanShadow Clutch Technique
Shadow Imitation Shuriken TechniqueShadow Imitation TechniqueShadow Sewing Technique
Shadow–Neck Binding TechniqueShield of Gold DustShukaku (One Tails)
Sickle Weasel TechniqueSix Paths TechniqueSly Mind Affect Technique
Son Goku (Four Tails)Starch Syrup Capture FieldSteam Dash
Steaming Danger Tyranny TechniqueStorm Release: Black HuntingStorm Release: Laser Circus
Storm Release: Thunder Cloud Inner WaveStorm Release Secret Technique: Demon Dragon StormString Bean Binding Illusion
Suicide Bombing CloneSummoning: Earth Release: Tracking Fang TechniqueSummoning Technique: Black Water Katana
Super: Human Bullet TankSuper Beast imitating DrawingSuper God Imitating Drawing
Super Open Hand SlapSusano'oTaijutsu Specialist
Temple of Nirvana TechniqueTime Reversal TechniqueTools
Top Transformed BuddhaTransmission WoodUchiha Clan
Uchiha Flame FormationUnique WeaponsUzumaki Clan
Water Bullet TechniqueWater Dragon Bullet TechniqueWater Gun: Two Guns Technique
Water Gun TechniqueWater Prison Shark Dance TechniqueWater Prison Technique
Water Release: Black Rain TechniqueWater Release: GunshotWater Shark Bullet Technique
Wind Release: Air Current Wild DanceWind Release: Cast NetWind Release: Gale Palm
Wind Release: Great BreakthroughWind Release: RasenganWind Release: Rasenshuriken
Wind Release: Repeated RasenshurikenWind Release: Sand Cloud WhirlwindWind Release: Slash
Wind Release: Ultra-Big Ball RasenshurikenWind Release: Vacuum BladeWind Release: Vacuum Serial Waves
Wind Release: Vacuum SphereWind Release: Vacuum WaveWind release: Air Bullets
Wood Clone TechniqueWood Release: Advent of a World of Flowering TreesWood Release: Five Element Combination Technique
Wood Release: Foo Dog HeadsWood Release: Four-Pillar House TechniqueWood Release: Four-Pillar Prison Technique
Wood Release: Great Forest TechniqueWood Release: Great Spear TreeWood Release: Hand Tool Manipulation
Wood Release: Hotei TechniqueWood Release: Hōbi TechniqueWood Release: Several Hundred Hands
Wood Release: TransformationWood Release: Underground Roots TechniqueWood Release: Wood Dragon Technique
Wood Release: Wood Human TechniqueWood Release: Wood Spikes RingWood Release Cutting Technique
Wood Release Secret Technique: Nativity of a World of TreesYuki Clan
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