A Thousand Feeding Sharks TechniqueArmorAsh Pile Burning Jutsu
Ballistic WaterwheelBasic WeaponsBell Ring Genjutsu
Black Spider LilyBoil Release: Skilled Mist TechniqueBoil Release: Unrivaled Strength
Bringer-of-Darkness TechniqueBubbles TechniqueC0
C4Cat GenjutsuCertain-Kill Ice Spears
Chakra Ghost TechniqueChidoriChidori Current
Chidori SenbonChidori Sharp SpearChidori Sword
ClansClay CloneCloud Style Flame Beheading Jutsu
Creatures, Summons, and EnemiesCustom Jutsu FormatDemonic Flute: Phantom Sound Chains
Demonic Illusion: Descending Hell TechniqueDemonic Illusion: Double False Surroundings TechniqueDemonic Illusion: False Surroundings Technique
Demonic Illusion: Tree Binding DeathDemonic Mirroring Ice CrystalsDrowning Water Blob Technique
Dust Release: Detachment of the Primitive WorldDust Release: Detachment of the Primitive World: PillarDustless Bewildering Cover Technique
Earth Release: Added-Weight Rock TechniqueEarth Release: Double Suicide Decapitation TechniqueEarth Release: Dropping Lid
Earth Release: Earth-Style RampartEarth Release: Earth-Style WallEarth Release: Earth Flow Divide
Earth Release: Earth Mausoleum DumplingEarth Release: Earth Shore ReturnEarth Release: Earth Spear
Earth Release: Fist Rock TechniqueEarth Release: Golem TechniqueEarth Release: Great Moving Earth Core
Earth Release: Hiding Like a Mole TechniqueEarth Release: Light-Weight Rock TechniqueEarth Release: Practice Brick Technique
Earth Release: Rock ShelterEarth Release: Sandwich TechniqueEarth Release: Swamp of the Underworld
Earth Release: Tearing Earth Turning PalmEarth Release: Tunnelling TechniqueEarth Release Barrier: Earth Prison Dome of Magnificent Nothingness
Erupting Propulsion FistErupting Strong FootExploding Flame Formation
Exploding Water Colliding WaveExplosive ClayExplosive Landmines
Fire Dragon Flame BulletFive Feeding SharksFlame Bullet Jutsu
Flame Whirlwind JutsuGenjutsu KissGreat Dragon Fire Jutsu
Great Fire AnnihilationGreat Fire DestructionGreat Fireball Jutsu
Great Flame TechniqueGreat Shark Bullet TechniqueGreat Water Arm Technique
Great Waterfall TehcniqueHazy GenjutsuHeavenly Weeping
Hiding in Ash TechniqueHiding in Mist TechniqueHiding in Water
Hokage-Style Sixty-Year-Old Technique — Kakuan Entering Society with Bliss-Bringing HandsHuman Bullet TankHundred Blooming Flowers Technique
Ice Release: Earth Chain IceIce Release: Ice-Breaking FistIce Release: Ice Dome
Ice Sword TechniqueIce doorsInterrogation Genjutsu
Iron Sand DrizzleIron Sand Gathering AssaultIron Sand World Method
Isobu (Three Tails)Jutsu/TechniquesKirin
Lava Release: Ash Stone Seal TechniqueLava Release: Melting Apparition TechniqueLava Release: Quicklime Congealing Technique
Lava Release: Rubber BallLava Release: Rubber RopeLava Release: Rubber Wall
Lava Release: Scorching Armoured FistLava Release: Scorching Stream Rock TechniqueLava Release Chakra Mode
Leaf-Style WillowLightning CutterLightning Release: Black Panther
Lightning Release: False DarknessLightning Release: Four Pillar BindLightning Release: Lariat
Lightning Release: Lightning Beast Tracking FangLightning Release: Lightning Illusion Flash of Lightning PillarLightning Release: Panther
Lightning Release: Shadow Clone TechniqueLightning Release: Wave of InspirationLightning Release Chakra Mode
Lightning TransmissionLightning Water Dragon BulletMagnet Release: Conserving Bee Twin Blades
Magnet Release: Gold Dust Imperial FuneralMatatabi (Two Tails)Mayfly
Mist Servant TechniqueMulti-Size TechniqueNew Age Naruto (NarutoD20) Wikia
Offsetting SoundParalysing Flute GenjutsuPhoenix Sage Fire Jutsu
Poison Moth GenjutsuReligionsRock Clone Technique
Rockslide GenjutsuSage Art Wood Release: True Several Thousand HandsSample Creature Template
Scorch Release: Incinerating Flare TechniqueScorch Release: Steaming MurderShadow Clutch Technique
Shadow Imitation Shuriken TechniqueShadow Imitation TechniqueShadow Sewing Technique
Shadow–Neck Binding TechniqueShield of Gold DustShukaku (One Tails)
Sickle Weasel TechniqueSly Mind Affect TechniqueSon Goku (Four Tails)
Starch Syrup Capture FieldSteaming Danger Tyranny TechniqueStorm Release: Black Hunting
Storm Release: Laser CircusStorm Release: Thunder Cloud Inner WaveStorm Release Secret Technique: Demon Dragon Storm
String Bean Binding IllusionSuicide Bombing CloneSummoning: Earth Release: Tracking Fang Technique
Super: Human Bullet TankSuper Open Hand SlapTemple of Nirvana Technique
The Seven Swords of the Hidden MistTime Reversal TechniqueTools
Top Transformed BuddhaTransmission WoodUchiha Flame Formation
Water Bullet TechniqueWater Dragon Bullet TechniqueWater Gun: Two Guns Technique
Water Gun TechniqueWater Prison Shark Dance TechniqueWater Prison Technique
Water Release: GunshotWater Shark Bullet TechniqueWind Release: Air Current Wild Dance
Wind Release: Cast NetWind Release: Gale PalmWind Release: Great Breakthrough
Wind Release: RasenganWind Release: RasenshurikenWind Release: Repeated Rasenshuriken
Wind Release: Sand Cloud WhirlwindWind Release: SlashWind Release: Ultra-Big Ball Rasenshuriken
Wind Release: Vacuum BladeWind Release: Vacuum Serial WavesWind Release: Vacuum Sphere
Wind Release: Vacuum WaveWind release: Air BulletsWood Clone Technique
Wood Release: Advent of a World of Flowering TreesWood Release: Five Element Combination TechniqueWood Release: Foo Dog Heads
Wood Release: Four-Pillar House TechniqueWood Release: Four-Pillar Prison TechniqueWood Release: Great Forest Technique
Wood Release: Great Spear TreeWood Release: Hand Tool ManipulationWood Release: Hotei Technique
Wood Release: Hōbi TechniqueWood Release: Several Hundred HandsWood Release: Transformation
Wood Release: Underground Roots TechniqueWood Release: Wood Dragon TechniqueWood Release: Wood Human Technique
Wood Release: Wood Spikes RingWood Release Cutting TechniqueWood Release Secret Technique: Nativity of a World of Trees
File:Sasuke-fire-ball-jutsu-o.gifFile:Scorch-style-kekkei-genkai.gifFile:Screenshot at Jun 16 16-44-29.png

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