Hundred Blossoming Flowers Technique


Level: Level 2/Rank D
Hand Seals: None
Casting Time: 1 Standard Action; Instant
Range: Short Range Up to 25ft circumference
Area: Individual Target or up to a group of 3 within a 25ft circumference
Duration: 1 Round/Caster Level
Saving Throw Will; Negates

Must be used in combination with Odourless Poison Mist

While using the power of the Odourless Poison Mist, the User releases many flower petals from their body. These petals flow through the air and circle around the target. The User then moves through the flowers, making it seem like they would dissolve into petals, using them as a wall so that their target can not see incoming attacks.

The weakness of this illusion is that it only hides the User visually. Sounds and smells can still be detected.

User must roll for Stealth. If Failed, the Intended target can hear the User.

Upon the target's turn, they are able to roll a new Saving Throw to end the Genjutsu or they have the ability to attack the User if the Stealth roll failed.

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