Earth Release: Swamp of the Underworld

Ninjutsu (Earth Release)

Level: A (8)
Hand Seals: Boar → Tiger
Casting Time: Standard Action
Range: Medium (100 ft+ 10ft/caster level)
Area: 60 foot spread from the target point
Duration: 1 round/caster level
Saving Throw Reflex, Strength

By changing the surface of an object beneath the target into mud and creating a swamp, the user can sink their target into the mud. The adhesive, chakra-infused mud ensnares the body, making it almost impossible to recover one's strength and escape from the swamp.

You create a large area of mud under a target. This pool of mud is fluid enough to let even small creatures to sink within easily, yet so heavily infused with chakra that once trapped inside they will not likely escape. Every 10 levels past 30 the size of the swamp increases by one creature size category, starting as large. At large size the swamp may hold 1 large creature, 2 medium creatures, 8 small creatures, 32 tiny creatures, 128 dimunitive, or 512 fine creatures. As the swamp grows larger, this progression shifts up by one rank. A creature is able to make a Reflex save, though each rank of size difference between it and the swamp grants a cumulative -2 penalty to the save (a medium creature takes a -2 penalty to its reflex save against a large swamp). If caught within the mud, the creature must make a grapple check to break free (its highest base attack bonus + its strength + any size bonus) vs your caster level + your int bonus + any size bonus of the swamp. Failure means that it is trapped within the liquid, and is considered helpless. If it succeeds the check it may break free of the mud and move at quarter speed. Each round it spends in the mud it must make this check again, or be trapped.