Earth Release: Added-Weight Rock Technique

Ninjutsu (Earth Release)

Level: B (5)
Hand Seals: Snake
Casting Time: Standard Action
Range: Touch
Area: Target Creature; Object
Duration: 1 round/caster level
Saving Throw Fortitude

This technique reduces one's gravity, making it much lighter. The atmosphere, along with their body, can be lightened in order to take flight and increasing their maneuverability. With enough practice, the user can control their flight through the sky with specific bodily movements. However, a consequence of using this technique on oneself or another individual is a decrease in the physical force of the affected person's attacks. If used on another target the user is able to also manipulate the weight of other targets. By touching his target, he could instead take their gravity away and regulate just how much is taken.

This technique requires a touch attack to be applied to the intended target. The target must make a Fortitude save in order to avoid being affected by this technique. If the target fails, or is willing to accept the jutsu, they are treated as having a cumulative +2 strength bonus and a +2 dexterity bonus and a +10 speed boost per caster level of the character using the jutsu. In addition, they gain a fly speed equal to their base speed + their speed boost. This does not translate to real ability score damage or enhancement, though if the strength score should fall to 0 they are treated as being helpless as their own lack of gravity makes it impossible for them to attack enemies physically, they cannot exert enough pressure to break their enemy's skin. In addition, their physical attacks and weapon attacks are treated as being one size category lower (for targets of fine level, they instead deal 1 damage on their rolls).