Dust Release: Detachment of the Primitive World

Ninjutsu (Particle Style)

Level: S (9)
Hand Seals: Rat → Boar → Snake
Casting Time: Full-round Action
Range: Long (400 ft + 40ft/level)
Area: Varies
Duration: Instant
Saving Throw Fortitude Partial

The user uses Dust Release to create a structure, with a sphere located at its centre, between the palms of his hands. The structure expands rapidly in size when being propelled towards its intended target and traps them inside its confines. The sphere then seems to explode with a tremendous amount of force, while the exterior walls of the structure effectively restrict the size of the blast radius, resulting in the destruction of everything and anyone caught within as they are pulverized into minute particles of dust. The technique isn't limited to just affecting physical matter; it can also affect chakra-based defenses.

This technique can be used to produce a variety of shapes: such as pillars, cubes, spheres, or cones. The orientation of the shape can likewise change. This technique can be cast as a cone, a line, a sphere or a cube. In the case of a line or a cone the technique has a range of 400 ft + 40ft/caster level and all targets within the area must make a save or be affected. In the case of a sphere or a cube, the jutsu has a radius or a side length equal to the caster level in feet, rounded down by increments of five feet (a character with caster level 23 is treated as manifesting a 20 foot sphere or a 20 foot cube until they reach caster level 25). A sphere or a cube is treated as a burst that appears in the target square (requires a ranged touch attack against your target). The target must make a fortitude save or take (3d10 + 5) points of damage per caster level. This damage can't be reduced by any means, and it bypasses all form of damage reduction. A successful fortitude save means that the target only takes 5d6 points of damage. This jutsu can't be countered by any other means except another particle style technique, other elemental natures will simply by passed through by this technique.