Ninjutsu (Explosion Release)

Level: A Rank (8)
Hand Seals: None
Casting Time: Standard Action
Range: 100 ft (thrown)
Area: One Clay Construct
Duration: Permanent; Until Discharged
Saving Throw Reflex Save, Half

An exceptionally powerful, large scale bomb, that once activated becomes an enormous statue that the user drops on his target from above. Its explosive power was great enough to potentially destroy a large portion of a village.

This jutsu creates a clay figurine that can be thrown or dropped, or prepared ahead of time to remotely detonate. There is no range limit upon the detonation, though if the caster cannot see the hiding place of the figurine he must have some other means of determining where the figurine is hidden. Upon detonation it explodes into a 100 ft burst that deals 2d10 per caster level points of damage to all targets within the range of the explosion. This damage bypasses even full cover, and can level buildings, which may or may not deal additional damage to the targets at the DM's discretion. A successful Reflex save reduces this damage by half, and if the target is within the 100 foot burst evasion nor improved evasion cannot reduce this damage to 0.