Ninjutsu (Explosion Release)

Level: B Rank (6)
Hand Seals: Necessary Handseals
Casting Time: Full Round Action
Range: Any
Area: Single Clay Construct
Duration: Permanent, Until Expended
Saving Throw None

One of Deidara's specialities that requires the use of both of his palm mouths, creating a large dragon. The dragon itself is capable of flight, and, while Deidara is safely on its back, the dragon can spit out smaller clay figures that attack the opponent like guided missiles.

This jutsu creates a 9th level C1 construct, with 2 x (144 + caster level hp). This creature can create C1 constructs, up to Large size, but instead of casting with the user's chakra, it uses its own hitpoints, (A 1st level C1 construct costs the dragon 15 HP, a 5th level construct costs 58 hp, etc.) The constructs attempt to get near to the target and detonate automatically on the caster's turn. These independent creatures take the form of a greatly reduced version of the larger dragon that created them, however, the user can change their shape for no additional cost, and as a free action. Each is capable of tracking their intended target and producing a significant explosion proportional to size upon contact but as they emerge, they consume a substantial amount of clay from the original dragon, initially extracting it from the creature's tail. This ultimately limits the number that each C2 "Dragon" is capable of creating, before clay must be sacrificed from more vital areas, such as the body or wings. By using more clay, the missile's size and explosive power can be substantially increased.