Ninjutsu (Explosion Release)

Level: C Rank (3)
Hand Seals: Snake → Tiger
Casting Time: Standard Action
Range: Any
Area: Created Clay Construct
Duration: Permanent, Until Expended
Saving Throw None

Using one of his special palms as a medium, the caster moulds his clay into figures, often resembling animals and insects. Some even share the abilities of the creatures they are modelling after, such as those resembling birds are capable of flight. This feature makes them excellent for covert operations.

The user summons a construct made of clay. It follows the rules of the astral constructs. Upon the user's choice, the clay can be commanded to detonate, exploding into a 30 foot burst that deals 1d4 points of damage per caster level of the user. Targets within the area can make a reflex save for half damage. Every 3 caster levels the level of the construct increases by one (2nd level at 4, 3rd level at 7, etc.)

If the clay creature succeeds on a grapple check against a target, they do not get a reflex save and instead take full damage of the jutsu upon detonation.

The caster can create a number of constructs equal to her own HD, (so a 15th level can create 15 small constructs (1 HD each) or 2 large clay creatures (7 HD each) and a small creature (1 HD) or some other combination of creatures. In this case, each construct deals it's HD in d4 dice upon detonation.